The Manitowoc Indigo Ice Machine is designed for operators in the foodservice industry for reliable ice production.

Project Summary


Food Processing


Manitowoc, WI

Business Situation

The Manitowoc Indigo Ice needed improvements in cleanability and programmability to ensure this product is easy to own and less expensive to operate.

Technical Situation

This machine had to pass mandatory requirements before re-releasing to the market and contain a multi-lingual UI system.


Occam Technology Group generated complete validations and designed a multi-lingual UI.


We performed hardware/firmware/interface review to pass mandatory requirements and a re-designed validation process.


  • Design engineering
  • Hardware engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Multi-lingual UI development

Hardware Development and Re-Designed Ice Blending Machine 

The Welbilt Company Foodservice sector, Manitowoc Beverage Systems, Inc. was formed in 1999.¬†Multiplex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high capacity beverage dispensing systems for soda and beer. Their products are designed to enhance the customer experience and provide efficient beverage blending production. Each machine contains state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use design.

Occam Technology Group helped Manitowoc create system level code/hardware/interface reviews, FMEA, guidance, and re-design capabilities to pass regulations. After a complete validation process this product was re-released to the market.This system also required hardware development of a multilingual (European/Mandarin) system UI. Manitowoc Beverage Systems proceeded to win the 2011 Kitchen Innovations Award and the 2012 FE&S Overall Best In Class Award for this product.