The Juniper Embossing Roll provides an engraved pattern to products to improve design and upgrades appearance and textures.

Project Summary


Window Coverings



Business Situation

Jumbo Home Deco. approached Occam Technology Group for help creating new window blind embossing rolls for their window treatments.

Technical Situation

Jumbo Home Deco needed a team of engineers to build them a  Embossing Roll for etching and fine patterns at desired depths.


Occam Technology Group found a team of engineers that created unique designs using simulation tools to ensure the best products would be manufactured with easy assembly and at a low cost.


This design was successfully launched to market using high quality materials that surpassed regulations.


  • Design engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Fixtures and Tooling
  • Industrial Design

New Tooling for Window Blind Manufacturing


Jumbo Home Deco is a window coverings manufacturer that has been established since 1989. They are devoted to providing the highest quality products and are the first company in China to be awarded ISO-9002 Quality Inspection Certificate in window coverings. This company uses advanced high-tech test machines, I.E. QUV weathering tester, and color matching technology to ensure their products are 100% reliable. Jumbo Home Deco plans to continue researching and developing new devices that will grow their company to new heights.

Jumbo Home Deco. needed help finding a team of engineers to build them a new Embossing Roll for creating products using high quality materials that surpass regulations. Occam Technology Group was able to provide Jumbo with a qualified team using their extensive network of suppliers across the globe that solve some of the most complex technology problems. The engineers created a unique design using simulation tools that were used on products for easy assembly and at a low cost.