The Hobart Manual Deli Slicer is designed to help retail establishments deliver precision and consistency with every cut.

Project Summary


Food Processing



Business Situation

Hobart needed enhancements in the design of the Manual Deli Slicer to achieve new levels of precision, yield and consistency.

Technical Situation

This Manual Deli Slicer needed a motor-controller and monitor to strengthen the precision of every slice.


Occam Technology Group developed firmware for the microchip 18F based motor-controller and monitor.


We developed a motor that geometricly “memorizes” a manual stroke, reproducing it at multiple speeds, fully automating slicing in high-volume applications.


  • Design engineering
  • Motor Control Technology
  • Hardware engineering
  • Sensory Development

Firmware Design for the Manual Deli Slicer 


Hobart is a leading manufacturer of food equipment products for cooking, food preparation, dishwashing, waste reduction, weighing and packaging. This company was established in 1897 in Troy, Ohio to provide premium equipment for commercial and institutional foodservice and food retail professionals. They designed the Manual Deli Slicer to achieve new levels of precision, yield and consistency. This machine is used in many chain restaurants and retail establishments across the globe to ensure precision with every cut. 

Occam Technology Group helped Hobart develop a precise indexing mechanism that creates consistent slices. We used firmware development of Microchip 18F based motor-controller and monitor for this commercial deli-slicer. This product involved front panel input/output, real time asynchronous communication for PC monitoring and EEPROM co-efficient handling. The Manual Deli Slicer was successfully designed for commercial use and passed mandatory regulations.