The McDonald’s Blended Ice Machine is designed for faster, cost efficient automated drink making in foodservice industries.

Project Summary


Food Processing



Business Situation

The Manitowoc Blended Ice Machine needed system requirements and a complete validation process before releasing to the market.

Technical Situation

This machine had to pass mandatory requirements and generate a complete validation process before re-releasing to the market.


Occam Technology Group re-design a Freescale ColdFire based Blended Ice Machine smoothie system with touch screen and blender control technology.


We performed hardware/firmware design review and generated a complete validation process before re-releasing to the market.


  • Design engineering
  • Hardware engineering
  • Sensory Development

Hardware Development and Re-Designed Ice Blending Machine 

The Welbilt Company Foodservice sector, Manitowoc Beverage Systems, Inc. was formed in 1999. Multiplex is the world’s leading manufacturer of high capacity beverage dispensing systems for soda and beer. Their products are designed to enhance the customer experience and provide efficient beverage blending production. Each machine contains state-of-the-art technology and an easy-to-use design.

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food chain companies in the world. Manitowoc Beverage Company has designed an blending ice machine that produces up to 120 drinks per hour and saves on syrup costs. Occam Technology Group helped Manitowoc re-design and validate the Freescale ColdFire base Blended Ice Machine smoothie System. The system consists of touch screen and blender control to provide an automated drink making system for McDonald’s Frappe and Smoothie beverages. Using hardware/firmware design review and complete validation, the blending ice machine surpassed regulations and could be re-released to the market.