Occam Technology Group today announced its collaboration with Google Cloud and is now offering the OccamSmart Network Server Stack for LoRaWANTM on Google Cloud Platform.
TAMPA, Fla. – June 07, 2018 – Occam Technology Group, a full-service global contract engineering design and development firm located in Tampa Bay, today announced its collaboration with Google Cloud and is now offering the OccamSmart Network Server Stack for LoRaWANTM on Google Cloud Platform.

Earlier this year, Occam Technology Group officially entered the Internet of Things product market with its own offering of LPWAN-focused products under the OccamSmart brand. The availability of the brand’s Network Server Stack on Google Cloud Platform enables companies and individuals around the world to innovate, reduce costs, and implement a complete LoRaWANTM ecosystem within Google Cloud’s global infrastructure and security model.

“Our relationship with Google Cloud is a big step for Occam Technology Group as it gives us the opportunity to help companies accelerate their adoption of IoT infrastructures at scale,” said Raymond Carr, Occam Technology Group’s Chief Technology Officer and founder. “With the rapid growth of the  LoRaWANTM ecosystem and Google Cloud’s participation in the  LoRa Alliance, creates a clear signal that the use of the LoRaWANTM protocol in the IoT landscape is gaining traction.”

OccamSmart’s Network Server Stack is an easy-to-deploy component on Google Cloud Platform which implements a LoRaWANTM v1.0 Class A network server seamlessly on the internet. The Network Server Stack receives LoRaWANTM device data from gateways which it de-duplicates, validates, and decrypts. The data is then published to an MQTT broker.

Additionally, the Network Server Stack manages device registrations to allow devices to join the network, send and receive data. The server stack supports both Over-The-Air Activation (OTAA) or Activation by Personalization (ABP), as well as Adaptive Data Rate, confirmed uplink data messages, and message deduplication.

The Network Server Stack can be easily deployed in just a few clicks using Google Cloud Platform’s Cloud Launcher, and quickly configured to start receiving your LoRaWANTM traffic.

Learn more about our product at https://www.occamsmart.com/network-server-stack/



The LoRaWANTM specification is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol designed to wirelessly connect battery operated ‘things’ to the internet in regional, national or global networks, and targets key Internet of Things (IoT) requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility and localization services.

About the OccamSmart family of products

OccamSmart is a family of Internet-of-Things-based products currently focusing on LPWAN (LoRa) technology. The products are designed to enable, encourage, and simplify the development and deployment of IoT devices and networks helping to create a better connected, more intelligent world.

About Occam Technology Group

Occam Technology Group, is an industry award-winning full-service contract engineering design and development firm capable of taking a product from initial concept or next-generation development through software/hardware design, verification and validation, quality, prototyping, and simulation. Located inside University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) in downtown Tampa, Florida, Occam Technology Group’s team has helped many of the most innovative companies in the world achieve extraordinary results.