Our team will be offering a training class at Microchip’s 2018 MASTERs conference in Phoenix, AZ, the week of August 20.

Each year, Microchip’s MASTERs conference brings engineers from all levels together to train in areas related to embedded systems design. The event offers more than 100 different class topics to choose from and a variety of new products that can help engineers develop new or complete existing embedded design projects.

Ray Carr, Occam Technology Group’s CTO, will be teaching the Methods to Avoid Data Corruption via Interrupt Processes class. Ray has been teaching at the conference for several years and is an expert in embedded control systems design and development for medical, military, marine, and micro-controller systems.



About the class

In systems where interrupts are utilized, the volatile qualifier is often used as a method of instructing the compiler to treat variables delicately by forcing all reads and writes to occur. Unfortunately, many programmers make assumptions about its application to shared data and the ability to protect this data. The purpose of this class is for attendees to understand why using the volatile qualifier may cause more harm than good, and why accessor functions should be used for atomic data and shared hardware ports. Additionally, the class will cover why atomic (non-interruptible) access is not guaranteed for any access or operation, and the vital importance of atomic data and their protection when utilizing interrupts. The course will show code examples and analyze the disassembly of the C compiler to demonstrate the importance of assumptions about methods used during compilation. Also, state-based systems will be shown with nested/enabled interrupts to show how they may unintentionally affect the operation of ports and variables.

Class ID: 22029 FRM10 – Methods to Avoid Data Corruption via Interrupt Processes
Class length: 1.75 hours

For more information on class schedules and registration, visit http://bit.ly/mccmasters2018



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