Spectrum has been a leading manufacturer of railroad and electric heating solutions delivering products that are safe, reliable and cost effective.

Project Summary




Cleveland, Ohio

Business Situation

Spectrum, Inc. needed product design and manufacturing services for developing railroads.

Technical Situation

Spectrum, Inc. needed a team of engineers to create a high-quality railroad design that is energy efficient and has the lowest life cycle costs.


Occam Technology Group used extensive manufacturing capabilities to develop the railroad design and provided manufacturing management services.


The railroad design provided our client with a successful product and multi-discipline documentation and guidance throughout the entire project.


  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Product design
  • Transportation Engineering

Product Design for Railroad Solutions

Spectrum, Inc. was established in 1965, and is currently headquartered in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. They create electric solutions to deliver the ultimate products that are safe, reliable and cost effective. Spectrum represents the most reliable, flexible and responsive manufacturer of infrared heaters for applications in the rail, utility, casting & forging and warehouse industries. This company focuses on their customers goal and uses the most high-quality and cost efficient process to do the job.

Occam Technology Group accepted a job with Spectrum to provide product design and manufacturing management services. We had two teams on staff with Spectrum for months completing the job to ensure time efficiency. As the project progressed our teams mission changed from just providing services to transferring our knowledge to the Spectrum group so we could exit the program easily and smoothly. Our design was manufactured successfully using only the best products.