The truck prototypes provide parts for Daimler trucks for a successful design of the interior.

Project Summary




Daimler Trucks

Business Situation

Daimler Trucks need a team of engineers to help design prototypes for the interior of their trucks for review.

Technical Situation

Daimler was working on injection molds for several Daimler truck parts, but needed some pre-production parts to build up a prototype interior.


Occam Technology Group created prototype parts using 3D printing and painted them to match the other interior parts.


This prototypes were successfully designed and matched the interior of the other parts in a cost efficient and timely manner.


  • Design engineering
  • 3D printing
  • Fixtures and Tooling
  • Prototypes

3D Printing for Daimler Truck Parts

Daimler is the leading commercial vehicle manufacturer in North America. Their portfolio of distinctive brands serves a multitude of industries and commercial vehicle applications. This company also is a leading provider of heavy- and medium-duty diesel engines and components. Daimler is entering its eighth decade and remains committed to the values on which it was founded: innovation, quality, and an unwavering dedication to meeting customers’ needs.

Occam Technology Group was approached by Daimler to create pre-production parts to build up a prototype interior for review. We 3D printed the parts and painted them to match the other interior parts. Using our 3D printing services, we produces custom functional prototypes from design models within days. These designs were used on the trucks interior and was successfully launched to market.