Andrew Kivela has been the Director of Program Management at Occam Technology Group since February 2016. Kivela is a great asset to our team with over 12 years of analytical experience. He is a veteran of the US Army Military Intelligence Corps and served as an Operations Research and Systems Analyst supporting EOD and Special Forces in Afghanistan. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from the University of South Florida and an Associate Degree in Korean from the Defense Language Institute. He is also currently working towards his Masters in Electrical Engineering from New York University.

Kivela has attended several conferences to discuss the operations of Occam Technology Group and to network with other business professionals around the United States. With his knowledge of system analytics and operations research, he has helped in the success of many of our projects, such as Beta Bionics iLet, Anko Laundry Pump, and next generation products for Davi Audio, Cell Detect, JL Marine, and many more. We are pleased to have Andrew on our team of experienced engineers, assisting clients and stakeholders in creating the technological innovations that build the foundation for a better tomorrow.

For more information regarding Occam Technology Group, please contact Andrew Kivela at [email protected]