Jumbo Home Deco is a window coverings manufacturer that has been established since 1989. They are devoted to providing the highest quality products and are the first company in China to be awarded ISO-9002 Quality Inspection Certificate in window coverings. This company uses advanced high-tech test machines, I.E. QUV weathering tester, and color matching technology to ensure their products are 100% reliable. Jumbo Home Deco plans to continue researching and developing new devices that will grow their company to new heights.

Occam Technology Group is excited to have received a contract with Jumbo Home Deco. to help design products that meet the needs of their customers. Our engineers created unique designs using simulation tools that were used on products for easy assembly and at a low cost. With our engineering capabilities, we were able to develop solutions using high quality materials that surpassed regulations. We are pleased to work with such a great company, and look forward to a continued relationship and wish much success for the future!

About Occam Technology Group

Occam Technology Group is an ISO-certified multidisciplinary engineering firm that creates next generation products through software/hardware design, verification and validation, quality, prototyping, and simulation. These services assist clients and stakeholders in creating innovations for a better tomorrow.

For more information regarding Occam Technology Group or Jumbo Home Deco., please email Roger Tipton at [email protected] or visit Jumbo Home Deco Group.

Hannah Calley

Hannah Calley

Marketing Associate