The EU7000iS can operate a wide variety of appliances, making it perfect for portable use at home, camping, or much more.




Honda Generator

Business Situation

Honda Generators needed injection mold designs created for their EU7000i Model generator.

Technological Situation

Parts for the Honda generator needed to be designed using high quality materials that would get the product to market.


Our engineers designed the best possible molds that could be manufactured in an efficient time.


Our engineers performed mold flow analysis on the designs to ensure the models met the needs of their customers.


  • Design Engineers
  • Injection Molds
  • Mold Flow Analysis

Designing Molds for a Honda Generator

Honda’s commitment to creating products that improve the quality of people’s lives goes well beyond automobiles and motorcycles. Since 1953, Honda has manufactured over 100 million power products worldwide. Honda continues to be a leader in the development of low-emission, fuel efficient, environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines for use in generators, water pumps, lawn mowers, outboard motors, and many other power equipment applications. The Honda Generator EU7000i Model can up-stand 7000 watts, super quiet, and fuel efficient. It is perfect for home back up power, RVs, outdoor events, and more.

Occam Technology Group was approached by Honda to design three injection molds for the EU7000i model. Honda portable generators are the number one choice in the construction and rental industries. So, when we were awarded the opportunity to provide the injection mold designs for Honda’s new generator we were so excited to be part of the team. The mold design included mold flow analysis to confirm we had designed the best mold possible. In this case, Occam was also tasked with the production of the mold and runoff before it was shipped. Honda was very pleased with our work and we hope to partner again in the future.