“Tartan prides itself on its build quality, which is evident throughout the boat. The company selects choice hardware and the workmanship is first rate.” — Sail Magazine




Painesville, OH

Business Situation

Tartan Marine needed additional resources and suppliers for its new 40-foot sailboat.

Technological Situation

Tartan had engineering resources, but needed Occam for additional engineering and sourcing services.


Occam Technology Group co-located a dedicated engineer at Tartan’s facility to work on the design engineering of components. We established a manufacturing program in Asia and the US to fabricate custom marine hardware in small production runs.


Additional engineering, sourcing, and quality resources, structural analysis of critical components, and new supplier of high quality marine hardware.


  • Design Engineering
  • Structural Analysis
  • Manufacturing

Hardware Design for the T4000 Yacht

Tartan Marine is a manufacturer of handcrafted sailboats that has been in business for over fifty years. The company prides itself on making classic sailboat designs with exceptional interiors and unparalleled performance. Located in northeast Ohio, Tartan Marine has continuously established new standards of service, engineering, and craftsmanship.

Tartan was up against a deadline to complete a prototype for their new T4000 sailboat. Occam Technology Group offered to help with the design components. Occam has extensive knowledge and expertise in manufacturing engineering for companies who need help getting products to market. Occam has the ability to design the tooling and machines. With our Asia quality control team, the production could easily be monitored to ensure conformance to client and regulatory requirements.

Occam worked through the new designs with Tartan Marine and learned that the company was having issues with its current supplier of fabricated goods. As a result, we put together a program that would enable us to become the new supplier. Occam was well suited for this project because of our level of experience using powerful design and simulation tools. Our ability to design engineer the parts, in conjunction with our ability to manufacture them, made us an even better candidate. Occam began the design work at Tartan Marine’s facility for the new T4000 model, and our relationship quickly evolved to include us manufacturing components for them.