We provide a wide range of products and tools to our customers. Our suite of products range from prototype parts to tooling to molds to finished goods. New product innovation is a complex business and our team can be the best option in getting the products manufactured as the experts who designed the product.


With our highly advanced in-house lab, we are able to provide our customers with manufacturing services that produce design models within days at a low cost. We have access to many additive manufacturing tools, such as 3D printing and Fused Deposition Modeling, which builds prototypes from durable engineering materials. 

Rapid prototyping allows companies to resolve issues between the customer, design engineering, and production team faster. In today’s world, production complexity is increasing, production runs are decreasing, and lead-times are getting shorter. Using our 3D printed tooling capabilities, our team of engineers can do the job.

We also specialize in simulation tools to validate equipment designs before production. This ensures only the best design is going to be used in manufacturing. Automation has become a key tool in achieving product goals when it comes to improving complexity and quality. Our philosophy on automation programs is to use simple designs with as much stock components as possible, use quality vendors to supply the best parts, to assemble them right the first time and to provide training and ongoing service to our valued clients. Automation has maximized efficiency and innovation in the injection molding process, along with many other benefits.


  • Enhanced and consistent part quality
  • Reduced molding, labor, and part costs
  • Reduced waste
  • Complex part design

Occam Technology Group has the facilities and the experience to build functional prototypes to demonstrate the power of your idea. Our ability to provide low volume production at a low cost is what drives our clients. With an extensive network of suppliers across the globe, we can be sure that we have the best team on your project.