The RENASYS Negative Pressure Wound Therapy provides the optimal healing environment for patients and reduces cost of wounds using advanced technology.

Project Summary




United States

Business Situation

Smith & Nephew selected Occam Technology Group to refine a negative pressure wound therapy system.

Technical Situation

Smith & Nephew needed a team of engineers to perform a system review on pressure sensitive alarms on their line of negative pressure devices.


Occam Technology Group performed verification and validation testing using algorithms to test alarms on negative pressure systems.


This design was successfully launched to market using pressure sensing software and verification and validation documentation.


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Verification and Validation testing
  • Biomedical engineering

Validation Testing on the Negative Pressure System

Smith & Nephew is a leading portfolio medical technology company, operating in around 100 countries globally. They are a public limited company incorporated and headquartered in the UK. They strive to use technology to take the limits off living, and help other medical professionals do the same through creating the highest quality products. This company creates advanced wound management systems, orthopedic and trauma devices, and sports medicine. Operations are performed in over 100 countries with over 16,000 employees.

Occam Technology Group assisted Smith & Nephew in the creation of the negative pressure wound therapy system. They performed system reviews using algorithms for validation testing. These tests calibrated pressure sensitive alarms, as well as pressure sending software. This product was successfully launched to market with Verification and Validation documentation for the software and algorithms to detect a collection canister.