Workers experience back and hand pressure associated with using concrete saws while bent over and walking along cut distance

Project Summary




Lones Stone Landscaping & Supply

Business Situation

Lones Stone needed engineering services to test the physical impact of concrete cutting on operators using a saw shoe.

Technical Situation

During saw operation user is bent over and walking along cut distance, which causes high strain on the back and hands.


Occam Technology Group used a work glove lined with pressure sensors to measure the forces associated with cutting concrete.


Occam provided Lones Stones with results that showed the overall improvements using the saw shoe. Results showed that the overall force experienced at the hands can be reduced by up to 60% for the left hand and 35% for the right hand. The saw shoe also reduces forces on the back by up to 53%.


  • Industrial & Mechanical Design
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Validation Testing