Occam Technology Group’s Executive Research Director, Roger Tipton, will be attending the IoT World Conference and Expo 2020 on April 6-9th. The Internet of Things World Conference is North America’s largest IoT event, including the top technologies, strategies, and case studies. Thousands of leaders and innovators from across the world will be attending this event for an amazing opportunity to network and learn about upcoming technology. The conference will focus on a wide variety of IoT topics that can help innovators who are just starting out or want to expand their IoT projects.

The expo hall will have hundreds of exhibitors to showcase the latest technology solutions. Attending this event is a great way to meet customers, generate leads, and become an industry leader by learning from experienced leaders about challenges they have overcome. Occam attends this event every year to keep up-to-date on the latest technology and meet current and potential clients. We plan to use the knowledge we gain at these events to expand our business and provide the most advanced technology solutions.

About Occam Technology Group

Occam Technology Group is an ISO-certified multidisciplinary engineering firm that creates next generation products through software/hardware design, verification and validation, quality, prototyping, and simulation. These services assist clients and stakeholders in creating innovations for a better tomorrow.

For more information regarding IoT World or Occam Technology Group, please contact Roger Tipton at [email protected] or visit IoT World.

Hannah Calley

Hannah Calley

Marketing Associate