Electronic aspirin is the up-coming medical device planning to hit the market by 2025. A company by the name of Autonomic Technologies has developed a medical device to help relieve facial and head pain for patients. This device is controlled by a patient operated remote that sends low-level electrical simulation to the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG) nerve cluster. The electronic aspirin is a highly demanded device due to headache disorders being the third-highest cause of years lost.

This device is implanted into the patient’s upper gum area on the side of the face that experiences the most pain. The main nerve involved in headache disorders is the SPG, a collection of nerve cells that has connections to the brainstem and meninges. The lead tip of the electronic aspirin is attached to the SPG bundle, which targets the pain directly. Patients can adjust the strength of the electrical simulations using a remote as soon as they begin to feel head pain.

According to a study by ATI, 68% of users have experienced overall improvement and 65% of these users had their headache disorder resolved within three months. This electronic aspirin is still in the investigation stage and is waiting for FDA approval. Autonomic Technologies is continuing to research and make improvements to the product, which is attracting a higher demand.

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Hannah Calley

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