Occam Technology Group will be attending the LoRa Alliance The Things Conference in Amsterdam between Jan 31 and Feb 1. The Things Conference brings together 2000 LoRaWAN developers, innovators and integrators from around the world.

At the conference in Amsterdam, LoRaWAN industry leaders will share knowledge about the hard bits, the long development cycles in IoT and the common mistakes that eat up all your time, money and resources. IoT is not a fairytale, it is hard work, persistence and risk.

As The Things Network, we want you to get the most out of the two days in Amsterdam, spending time on LoRaWAN basics would be a waste. This is why every participant gets prior access to the 10 week online course: the LoRaWAN Academy.

The traction around LoRaWAN is bigger than ever, let’s pave the way for large-scale deployments.

For more information or to reach out to Occam Technology Group at the conference, please contact Ray Carr at [email protected]