NWG focused efforts on designing a drive train that could collect more energy from the wind, while providing greater efficiency and reliability.




New World Generation, Canada

Business Situation

New World Generation (NWG) needed a team of highly trained engineers to help develop a direct drive generation system for a large corporation.

Technological Situation

Occam Technology Group used their advanced in-house capabilities to manufacture direct drive generation systems using their credible technical knowledge.


We were able to provide NWG with the support they needed to develop wind turbine systems for a large manufacturer. 


The direct drive generation systems were created in an efficient time using the most reliable technology.


  • Concept development
  • Manufacturing
  • Advanced technology

Wind Turbine Systems Manufacturing 

New World Generation (NWG) is a privately held organization in business since 2001.  The company has worked shoulder to shoulder with leading scientists, engineers and inventors to research and develop ways to provide sustainable solutions for electrical and thermal generation.

Occam Technology Group was approached by NWG to help supply a large wind turbine manufacturer with direct drive generation systems. NWG was given an opportunity to supply its innovative direct drive generator system to a large wind turbine manufacturer as an upgrade package during a gearbox repair/replacement program.  They were faced with the issue that their current team did not have the in-house engineering talent to lead a large complex engineering evaluation for such a large manufacturer.  NWG needed highly trained and skilled support that could work on the project immediately and provide a credible technical presence and link between NWG and their customer. We were able to complete the production using our advanced capabilities in an efficient time.