The production of an new vehicle takes hundreds of suppliers working together creating the best new part that is assembled into a complete automobile. 




Venture Plastics, Inc.

Business Situation

Venture Plastics needed a team of engineers for design and manufacturing services.

Technological Situation

Venture Plastics needed Occam Technology Group to design plastic molds for the 2018 Toyota Camry.


We were able to provide Venture Plastics with the highest quality molds using our advanced tooling capabilities.


Using our advanced technology, we were able to provide Venture Plastics with parts that were assembled easily at little cost.


  • Design engineering
  • Fixture, tooling, and molds
  • Prototyping

Designing part for 2018 Toyota Camry

Venture Plastics, a “Best in Class” supplier, has been supplying custom injection molding services since 1969.  They have two modern facilities located in Newton Falls, Ohio and El Paso, Texas. Their well-diversified customer base includes, but is not limited to, the major markets of industrial/consumer, major appliance, truck/agriculture, automotive, fuel delivery, and communications.

Venture Plastics contracted Occam Technology Group to provide design and manufacturing services in creating three new production quality check fixtures for their new 2018 Toyota Camry Injection Molding program. Only the best parts can be accepted and check fixtures are used in manufacturing facilities to confirm that only the best products are produced and shipped to Toyota. We were able to provide Venture Plastics with molds that met their customer needs and at a low cost.