Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, testing kits for COVID-19 have been in high demand with low product supply across the country. Researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) have developed an effective way to overcome the storage of coronavirus testing kits. Experts from USF Health have developed a 3-D printed nasal swab that are as effective as real nasal swabs.

Nasal swaps are designed using medical grade fiber that collect the right amount of materials to generate a valid test. The researchers have been working vigorously over the past 2 weeks, from developing the idea to now testing prototypes, and are confident that these nasal swabs will be used across the country very soon. An associate professor of radiology and director of 3-D Clinical Applications at USF Health, Summer Decker, came up with the design in just a two days and has partnered with hospitals and healthcare providers in funding the project.

The swabs are still undergoing testing locally and in New York, along with clinical trials for federal approval. This product is very cost effective and can be made quickly. We look forward to seeing the great impact USF researchers and engineers will have on this global pandemic.

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Hannah Calley

Hannah Calley

Marketing Associate