One of our customers, Competition Composites Inc., has been featured in The Economist magazine. Competition Composites, Inc. offers the highest quality of products and services on the custom composites market today. They have earned the reputation as one of the best composites full service providers globally and has provided superior service to their customers since 2002. They have recently manufactured wind turbine blades for a company in Toronto, which has landed them on The Economist magazine for innovation.

Toronto is a very science focused community that did not have much access to capital, but has strong technical capabilities. Over the last five years, Toronto has had huge growth in capital and the Ontario government has provided funding for wind turbines. A company by the name of BIOME Renewables approached Competition Composites Inc. to design composites for wind turbines. The technology used is called PowerCone which is an aerodynamic enhancement technology that attaches to the center of the turbine and captures more air that is already blowing. This allows for 10-13% more power generation than before.

Occam Technology Group is proud to have worked with a company that demonstrates exceptional customer service and exceeds client expectations. We wish Competition Composites Inc. and BIOME Renewables much success for the future! Check out The Economist video below featuring Competition Composites and BIOME Renewables.