No matter your operation, a local deli, chain restaurant or retail establishment, the Hobart HS Heavy Duty slicers can help you deliver precision with every cut.


Food Processing


Troy, Ohio

Business Situation

Hobart needed a team of engineers to design a fully functioning deli slicer.

Technological Situation

High tech manufacturing capabilities and sensory development were used to provide Hobart their ideal product.


Detailed engineering and development of motor controls were used to create an automatic/manual deli slicer.


Hobart received a fully automated deli slicer that met the needs of their customers and pass requirements. 


  • Sensory Development
  • Detail Engineering
  • Motor control

Developing sensors and motor controlled deli slicer

Hobart is a leading manufacturer of food equipment products for cooking, food preparation, dishwashing, waste reduction, weighing and packaging. Hobart has been dedicated for more than a century to supporting commercial and institutional foodservice and food retail professionals by providing premium equipment they can trust, backed by the largest, most experienced service network. Their vision is to lead the foodservice and food retail equipment industry through technology innovation, operational excellence, superior customer service and unsurpassed value.

Occam Technology Group was approached by Hobart to design an automatic and manual deli slicer. The slicer combines dramatic enhancements in design to achieve new levels of precision, yield and consistency. The precise indexing mechanism creates consistent slices. Implementation of a linear 3-phase BLDC motor in the automatic version allows for power assisted slicing to reduce fatigue. As well, this new motor geometry “memorizes” a manual stroke, reproducing it at multiple speeds, fully automating slicing in high-volume applications. Occam Technology Group performed Hardware/firmware design and development of UI, sensor, power, communication and motion control sub-systems.