Showcasing our Internet of Things Capability to the World


Smart Technology


Tampa, FL

Business Situation

Syniverse Systems needed IoT sensor and infrastructure expertise to showcase the capabilities of its new secure IoT cloud.

Technological Situation

The IoT demonstration had to be a system that would allow attendees at a conference to interact with the sensors while demonstrating Class 0 or Class 1 devices in a non-IP based environment.


Occam Technology Group created a seat tracking demonstration system for Syniverse based on Occam’s proprietary series of LoRaWAN products.


Occam helped Syniverse showcase its own systems with a low power, long range IoT option that encouraged attendee interaction.


  • IoT Infrastructure
  • Hardware Integration
  • Software Development
  • Prototype creation

Showcasing Occam’s Internet of Things Capabilities to the World

Syniverse was originally founded in 1987 as GTE Telecommunication Services Inc.. Its creation was a response to the slowly emerging cellular market, providing voice clearing, post-call validation, and message rating services. As cellular use kept growing and new technologies emerged, the company entered a global market by offering interoperability and clearing services throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. In its over thirty years of history, the one thing that has remained constant is Syniverse’s dedication of being on the forefront of rich communication services and interoperability.

Syniverse, a global leader in telecommunications enablement technology, approached Occam Technology Group to help it showcase its new secure IoT communications platform, Syniverse Secure Global Access (SGA), at the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018. While Syniverse was planning on showcasing Rich Communication Services, 5G, and text messaging services within its booth, for SGA it desired to showcase its capabilities of including non IP-based IoT infrastructure in its platform in an interactive way.

Occam and Syniverse agreed that a seat occupancy sensor system would allow for easy  Integration into the presentations, while showcasing the desired technologies. Occam integrated commercially available seat occupancy sensors with its proprietary line of LoRaWAN-based hardware and enablement software and provided software engineering and UI design services, to deliver a final product that was fully integrated within Syniverse’s own Secure Global Access system. The solution that Occam provided was a fully integrated seat tracking system that not only allowed Syniverse to demonstrate its larger IoT system capabilities but was a major success with expo attendees.