Brine trucks hauling saltwater to remote oil and gas fracking wells take a beating and required design upgrade by Occam Technology Group.


Oil and Gas


Marietta, Ohio

Business Situation

Hi-Vac required design engineering services to develop a new line of service trucks complete with manufacturing documentation for a 100 and 110 barrel capacity tank.

Technological Situation

Hi-Vac wanted to introduce a custom engineered truck designed around industry standards and regulations, supported by structural engineering analysis.


NLS designed and of trucks with manufacturing documents, for use by Hi-Vac to fabricate and manufacture the vehicles in house.


NLS provided a complete design with documentation for manufacture, supported by in depth engineering analysis.  Trucks designed to meet regulations set forth by the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. Design simplicity allowed for ease of manufacture with reduced costs.


  • Design and structural engineering services
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Simulation based design optimization

Fracking Trucks Design Requires Advanced Design Team

For over 40 years Hi-Vac has provided products and systems that tackle some of the toughest infrastructure,maintenance, and clean up challenges in the world. Their products are at work behind the scenes maintaining infrastructure, improving air quality, non-destructively excavating, recycling, cleaning and maintaining the environment.

Hi-Vac approached Occam Technology Group to design and engineer a new line of equipment service trucks to handle the high pressure and vacuum loads experienced in similar environmental cleanup and maintenance operations. Hi-Vac supplied a stock vehicle chassis for which the truck’s tank and pumping system needed to mount to. Furthermore, Hi-Vac required that the truck be designed to meet the engineering standards set forth by the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. Lastly, Hi-Vac requested that a complete manufacturing drawings package be submitted with the design from which Hi-Vac could manufacture the trucks in house.

Our knowledgeable and talented engineers set forth in designing the truck to meet regulations and withstand the structural stresses that it would experience during operations and still be easy to build for the Hi-Vac team. The two varying vessel capacities were designed such that the ability to reuse fabricated components and systems made managing the builds as simple as possible, while keeping low overhead on stocked materials, and minimizing material waste and scrap. The modular design setup of the vessels ensured that should Hi-Vac require vessels in other capacities, the engineering time, as well as the manufacturing time, would be minimalized.

Through expert engineering and design and FEA analysis validation, Hi-Vac had a new product line ready to be manufactured and introduced into their markets in a timely manner, while being able to use a comprehensive drawings package to manufacture the entire vessel in house, keeping costs low and improving production quality.