Embedded Systems Design

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Rigorous Standards

Creating a flawless foundation for an Embedded Control System relies on consistent attention to detail, and knowledge of techniques not taught in the typical C programming class. Knowledge of the intricacies of signal sampling, interrupt handling, and real-time processing is essential to produce a design that will be robust in the face of operator error, environmental variation, and hardware variability. Risk analysis (FMEA) coupled with extensive design verification and validation assure the performance of the design under all conditions. Customers with rigorous reliability requirements have relied on Occam Technology Group™ to assist with the development and validation of complex Embedded Control Systems. Occam Technology Group™ offers end to end design services, and targeted services in each phase of the design process.

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Key Design Services

  • Schematic Capture, Simulation, PCB Layout
  • FPGA
  • Firmware
  • RF – Zigbee, Wi-Fi
  • Signal Integrity
  • Power
  • Analog/Sensor
  • Motor Controls
  • Device Drivers
  • Systems Verification & Validation

From concept creation to design validation and verification, Occam Technology Group provides end-to-end solutions that can help you take your project to the next level.

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