Manufacturing & Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering focuses on complex processes and systems within applications. We seek to optimize these processes for cost-savings, increased safety, and improved productivity. Our goal is to identify issues and ultimately find solutions to make any process better for your company.
Occam Technology Group’s engineer’s design, consult, set quality standards, and develop testing equipment and procedures to meet your project goal. We also utilize the same skills to develop, build and integrate robotic work cells or production line enhancements. Our engineers are equipped for projects both large and small. We utilize the latest equipment to develop and design new systems or create modifications to existing machines. Quality is an important requirement needed for manufacturing production facilities to operate effectively. Our processes and procedures are ever changing to sustain a high quality standard that not only produces cost-effective solutions, but has substantial cost-savings as well.

Our engineering services ensure optimal plant performance from the engineering to operation and testing phase with efficient and sustainable solutions. With state-of-the-art engineering tools, we complete the planning and design of the application and offer a flexible choice of system components. Delivering highly effective results within today’s complex industrial manufacturing environment, we have the necessary expertise and know-how to support in all your engineering requirements sustainably.