Biomedical Engineering

Occam Technology Group delivers safe and effective medical device developments and implementations with in-depth knowledge of the life cycles of healthcare technology. We will help you create next generation solutions to transform lives and improve patient satisfaction.
At Occam Technology Group, we understand the challenges around the healthcare industry and we strive to create products that will improve effectiveness and cost of your facility. We handle everything from installation and calibration to testing, inspection and repair. Translation of an idea into a safe and effective product requires integrated knowledge from several areas. Occam’s strong vision, engineering experience, and regulatory requirements ensure that the process from early stage to the marketed product is appropriately planned and executed with high quality and within financial objectives.

Biomedical Services:

  • Preventative maintenance and repair
  • Design, simulation, and development of biomedical materials, devices and instruments, medical implants
  • Computer modeling, data analysis, and simulations
  • Complete spectrum of testing and verification services
  • Project management
  • Consulting services in biomedical engineering custom tailored to your needs