Occam Technology Group joined Carole Post, the new interim chief executive officer at the University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS) and current deputy chief operating officer of USF Health, for a brief update on the many recent successes and continuing strategy development for the center.

Also present were Dr. Edmund Funai, chief operating officer at USF Health and senior vice president for strategic development at the USF System, Dr. Mark Mosely, associate dean for clinical affairs and chief medical officer for the USF Physicians Group, who will serve as interim CAMLS chief medical officer and associate dean for Continuing Professional Development, and Roberta ‘R.B.’ Burford, associate vice president for strategic health operations, who will serve as a strategic advisor to Post and the CAMLS leadership team.

During the meeting, Post mentioned that the focus of her new role at CAMLS will be to continue building a robust staff, solid business processes, and strong financial stewardship. With the help of Dr. Mosely and RB, Post plans on engaging the broader downtown Tampa community as well as internal and external stakeholders in the continuing process.

Occam Technology Group has worked with CAMLS on numerous projects providing medical device development, and engineering services to both university and private-sector clients who use the center. With increasing involvement in the USF community, and with its offices located inside the center, Occam Technology Group is hoping to further its collaborations with Post, CAMLS and the downtown Tampa USF Health initiative.