Occammd arrives in the European market and will attend the LoRa All Members Meeting in Munich on July 20 – 21, where it will outline how it removes complexity and security concerns from LoRa IoT with its end-to-end turnkey solutions

Several industry reports by key research organizations and consulting firms have predicted the IoT market to develop into one that will have billions of devices with trillions in potential revenues. However, research has also shown that the primary problems in realizing this predicted scale are due to the complexity of developing and deploying solutions and ensuring the security of connected IoT environments.

Occammd, a leader in medical, military, and consumer device product design and development, embedded controls and sensors, addresses both of these market concerns by delivering design simplicity, technological innovation, end-to-end turnkey solutions, and importantly security peace-of-mind to its rapidly growing client base.

Occammd designs and develops best in class real-time embedded systems, communications systems (differentiated end-to-end LoRa solution, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, etc.), and secure embedded systems (from chip to board to gateway to complete IoT platform and cloud including 24×7 security monitoring). The company’s clients include global medical device manufacturers, commercial equipment manufacturers, and the United States Military.

Michael Ferris, CEO of Occammd, stated “We are extremely excited to be entering the EMEA markets and to be attending the LoRa All Members Event in Munich. Occammd has a best in class track record of developing intelligent products and devices across the healthcare, military, and consumer verticals in North America and we are now putting in place another strategic component by expanding throughout the EMEA to support customers IoT requirements’.”

Erik Staaf, Occammd’s SVP for Business Development in the EMEA, added “LoRa brings fantastic opportunities for companies to better realize their IoT opportunities which can often be complicated and confusing to design and develop due to the large number of choices. Occammd removes that pain point by delivering end-to-end turnkey solutions. So if you are struggling to get your IoT systems going, come and visit our stand. Furthermore, Occammd has a differentiated LoRa offering that we would enjoy discussing with customers in Munich.”

About Occammd: Occammd is an industry award-winning product design and development firm with expertise ranging from medical devices to military applications and consumer products.

Occammd can take a device from concept or next generation through software / hardware design, V&V, prototyping, simulation and quality through regulatory and management of manufacturing, and product launch. Located inside the University of South Florida’s Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS), a 90,000 square foot state-of-the-art healthcare simulation, training, research and innovation center in the center of Downtown Tampa, Florida; the Occammd team has helped many of the most innovative companies in the world achieve extraordinary results. For more information, visit www.occammd.com or call +1 844 622 2663.

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